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Asiaha Butler is a longtime resident of Greater Englewood and is determined to uplift, inspire and change the perception of her neighborhood, which is often seen as a death trap.  In the last two years, Butler has become one of the most energetic community leaders in the community and created a name for herself rather quickly.  She coined the name “Mrs. Englewood” after developing a blog that focused on the positive aspects of Greater Englewood. Butler used this social media tool to promote inspirational stories that shed light on many of the cultural experiences happening around the community.

In 2010, she joined forces with other residents in Englewood to create “So Fresh Saturdays”, a community-driven youth program which featured, the film series, “Docs & Dialogue” and a youth media program, “Media-N-Motion”.  “Docs & Dialogue” showcases documentaries that cover such topics as peer pressure, the impact of media on youth, sexually transmitted diseases, community violence, violence in video games and other related topics.

Since many of these projects were created by residents for residents, Butler was able to clearly identify the human assets that live within her community.  In November 2010, she co-founded the Resident Association of Greater Englewood also known as R.A.G.E. Butler has spearheaded most of these unique initiatives, which all have become the catalyst of positive change. As a true change agent, she continues her quest in order to improve the quality of life for residents and is committed to doing whatever is required to see a Greater Englewood thrive in the near future.

Butler has served as the 2010-2011 Chair of the Education Taskforce of  Teamwork Englewood, a mentor and community rep of the LSC for Robeson High School, member of the Englewood Community Cultural Planning Council, Member of the Advisory Board for the Englewood Neighborhood Recovery Initiative, Regional Leader of the National Block Club, President of Black Star Community PTA and recently appointed as Co-Chair of the Englewood Community Action Council through the CPS Family and Community Engagement Initiative.  Through her leadership this council has developed a comprehensive educational plan for all schools in the Greater Englewood neighborhood. Butler was awarded and honored as a Parent Leader from Teach America’s Children in 2011. Outside of these prominent volunteer roles, Butler is also a wife, mother, landlord and employed full-time at an association for property managers.

Asiaha sits on various boards, committees and panels all geared to promote positive communication and direction for the Greater Englewood Community.  Butler earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and graduated from the Institute of Organization Management with 96 hours of non-for-profit management in 2012 to earn the IOM designation.

You can read more about Asiaha (Ay-Sha) Butler or R.A.G.E by accessing any of the websites below. or

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